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360 Spiral Cog

Needle (Gauge/Length)Thread USPPackage
Needle (Uni-Direction)23 Gage38 mm50 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Needle (Uni-Direction)23 Gage60 mm90 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Needle (Uni-Direction)23 Gage90 mm150 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Needle (Bi-Direction) 23 Gage38 mm95 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Needle (Bi-Direction) 23 Gage60 mm115 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Needle (Bi-Direction) 23 Gage90 mm145 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Needle (Gauge/Length)ThreadUSPPackage
Blunt L23 Gage38 mm50 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Blunt L23 Gage50/60 mm70 mm3-020 EA/Pack
Blunt L21 Gage38 mm50 mm2-020 EA/Pack
Blunt L21 Gage60 mm115 mm2-020 EA/Pack
Blunt L21 Gage90 mm145 mm2-020 EA/Pack
Blunt L20 Gage60 mm115 mm2-020 EA/Pack
Blunt L20 Gage100 mm160 mm2-020 EA/Pack
Blunt L19 Gage38 mm50 mm220 EA/Pack
Blunt L19 Gage50 mm70 mm220 EA/Pack
Blunt L19 Gage100 mm150 mm1-020 EA/Pack
45 D19 Gage50 mm70 mm2-020 EA/Pack
45 D20 Gage60 mm100 mm2-020 EA/Pack
45 D20 Gage100 mm150 mm2-020 EA/Pack
45 D19 Gage60 mm100 mm1-020 EA/Pack
45 D19 Gage100 mm150 mm1-020 EA/Pack
Blunt W19 Gage60 mm115 mm1-020 EA/Pack
Blunt W19 Gage100 mm150 mm1-020 EA/Pack
Blunt W19 Gage100 mm150 mm120 EA/Pack
Blunt W18 Gage100 mm150 mm220 EA/Pack

PDO 360˚Spiral Cog Blunt / Needle



Various specification of Cannula type & Gauge size are provided
together with particular cog thread which is approved
by KFDA (Korea Ministry of Food and Drug
Safety) Medical products as Grade Ⅳ, When
inserted thread into the ubcutaneous tissue
layer of saggy skin, It helps change to elastic
skin by regenerate collagen so can be obtained
in desired treatment effectwith short recovery period,
less bruising, less swelling occurred.

ISO13485 / KGMP / CE2292


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