Carbon Gel

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• 80ml

• Made in Korea


By applying the carbon gel to the treatment area before the laser treatment, the carbon gel seeps into the pores in the skin. Through the laser irradiation, carbon ingredients burst in/on the skin and leads to brightening and the lifting of the skin after contracting of pores.


This can solve a variety of skin problems, including inflammatory acne, large pores, a dull skin tone, and rough skin. The long-lasting effects of this treatment is perhaps the most important, as this product causes less kin irritation than other treatments. It is safe as it causes no skin damage, or heat damage.


• Inflammatory acne

Narrowing the wide pores

• Exfoliating, removing the waste from the skin

• Dull and rough skin texture, skin tone purification

• A light filling by laser

• Treatment of the uneven skin tone by melasma, blemish and others

• Reducing the appearance of the lines and aging skin decreased elasticity in ultraviolet light.


INCI name
Waterto 100
Butylene Glycol
Sodium Hyaluronate
Mineral Oil4.0

How to use 

• Laser soft peeling is skin resurfacing that removes blackheads and pores.

• Please inform a patient beforehand about the sound of exploding carbon gel particles during treatment.

• More than 5~10 sessions are required.

• How to treat by Lucid Q-PTP  (Bison medical 1064nm / 532nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser)

    ① Apply the carbon gel 10~15 minutes before treatment.

    ② 1 STEP : Quasi-long mode treatment

    ③ 2 STEP : Q-switch 1064nm mode (removing carbon cream)

    ④ During treatment use the smoke evacuator.

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