Oryol skin Booster

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Made in Korea


Improving aging skin including discoloration, freckles and age spot, using biological raw materials such as Cytokines, growth factors, peptide, amino acids and vitamins. Improving skin elasticity through synthesizing extracellular substrate such as collagen and elastin fibers.

♦ Improve skin through nutrition supply of proteins of Cytokine line

♦ Show the excellent effects of skin elasticity through synthesizing Collagen and Elastin

♦ Maintain skin moisturizing through catalyzing the biosynthesis of Hyaluronic acid

Treatment Area

Face / Neck / Clavicle / Back of the hand / Arm / Leg / Abdomen


Main Ingredients INCI name
EGFEpidermal Growth Factor
IGF-1Insulin-like growth factor-1
bFGFBasic Fibroblast Growth Factor
Copper peptide Copper Tripeptide-1
Amino acids Asparagine / Glutamine / Histidine / Lysine /Serine / Tryptophan / Glutamic acid /Methionine / Proline / Threonine / Valine / Arginine
Vitamin K Menadione


♦ Enhance Elasticity

♦ Moisturizing

♦ Rehydration

♦ Enhance whitening

♦ Nutrition supply

♦ Increase the biosynthesis of Collagen and Elastin

♦ Improve wrinkles and inhibit wrinkles

♦ Delay aging

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